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Production base
In 2006, Shandong Senjian Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. started construction products deep processing factory. Renovation and equipment installation in strict accordance with international standards. Through the national "GMP" (health food good manufacturing practice) certification, and the Shandong health food health grade A-level units certification. The company has many variety production lines of soft capsules, hard capsules, tablets, granules, powder health food, all through the National GMP Certification, Is the best optimal combination producers for health food processing formulations.

Senjian Group has a worldwide reputation Italy, Germany, South Korea imported fully automatic soft capsule machine, fully automatic hard capsule machine, automatic tablet machine, particle machine, powder machine, can produce every day three million soft capsules, 8,000,000 grains of hard capsules , 6 tons of tablets, granules 8 tons, 10 tons of powder, This not only ensures the diversity of production, but also to ensure a large scale.