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Historical review

    In 2003, Jinan senjian Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was established, engaged in health food sales and new product development, To carry out project development of functional health food and cosmetics, together with the famous bio PhD, Professor, PhD supervisor from where China Traditional Chinese Medicine Academy, Stanford University, Harvard University, National Taiwan University, Shandong University, Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Fudan University, Peking University, Tsinghua University.Developed the following products In succession: the products for improving bone density of osteoporosis patients,the products for regulating the hormonal balance and anti-aging,the products used to improve skin moisture to achieve cosmetic wrinkle removing,the products for people with diabetes lower blood sugar、the products for regulating high blood lipids, hypertension, high cholesterol,the products for enhancing human immunity,the products for the equilibrium level of human multi-vitamins and mineral nutrients"ji mei jia" cocktail therapy health beauty cosmetics.All these products have independent intellectual property rights, and have more than one registered trademark closely related to the product.
    In 2004, Shanghai Senjian Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was established.Mainly undertake the following product formula development:Molecular biology related products, Cell biology related products, Biophysics related products, Plant molecular Related Products, Biotechnology Anti-Aging Whitening external products,Life Sciences hormone balance therapy internal products,Male and female urinary system health and vitality products.
    In 2005, Jiangsu Pizhou SENJIAN ginkgo plantation was established,Specializing in the development and extraction of raw materials for health food, cosmetics,Raw material base Ginkgo plantation access to national GAP certification.
    In 2006, Shandong Senjian Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. started construction products deep processing factory. Renovation and equipment installation in strict accordance with international standards. Through the national "GMP" (health food good manufacturing practice) certification, and the Shandong health food health grade A-level units certification. The company has many variety production lines of soft capsules, hard capsules, tablets, granules, powder health food, all through the National GMP Certification, Is the best optimal combination producers for health food processing formulations. The factory is located in the beautiful Spring City – Jinan, 500 meters away from the Beijing-Fuzhou, Beijing-Shanghai, Jinan-Qingdao highway, North is the Yellow River, south is Mount Tai, elegant environment and convenient transportation. The factory has 6000 square meters and 100000 grade clean workroom, Spacious laboratory and 2000 square meters modern office.
    In 2007, U.S. Niushijian International Medicine Group Co., Ltd. and Shandong Senjian facility powerful combination, product Niushijian products in the Group Jinan plant. Same year, due to the contribution to human at the molecular biological sciences, "Ji mei jia" health beauty products are awarded the "China beauty industry Health Wellness Beauty first brand" Medals by China Federation of Industry Cosmetic Industry Association, due to the contribution to human health In metabolic diseases, was awarded the outstanding member units by China Elder Health Care Association; due to the contribution to human health at the cells Balanced diet to regulate blood fat, was awarded Chinese weight loss industry Outstanding Business by authoritative international organization; Cell balance weight loss technology was named Technology Innovation Award.
    In 2008, Continuously through the HACCP-EC-01 (ISO / DIS 2200) safety management system certification, GB/T19001-2000 idt ISO-9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certification, awarded China AAA grade "quality credit" enterprise, Full range of products awarded the national authoritative assured Excellent quality product and Health Level A-level units.
    In 2009, Eight health food products through the SFDA approval issued in succession, Senjian Group is one of the enterprises with the latest health food approval.
    In 2010, Guangzhou Yingmei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Established, mainly Responsible for Asian Beauty Professional Line "Ji mei jia" career development.