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Company profile

    Senjian Group, (China) Co., Ltd. is an international enterprise group, which consists of the United States, mainland China, HongKong economy leading authority biotechnology business jointly funded and constructed. Oriented to the health industry, and combines planting, R & D, manufacturing, marketing as one. In mainland China owns 100 000 GMP certification health food production plants- Shandong Senjian Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd.
    Shandong Senjian Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. is a very professional functional health food production enterprise. Company take raw material planting and extraction as the cornerstone of entrepreneurship. By virtue of strict production attitude, excellent product quality and good reputation, after ten years of development, now has developed into a professional diversified health product manufacturing enterprises, prestigious in the domestic.
    Senjian Group continuous passed the health food GMP certification, Shandong Province Class A food hygiene level units certification, the AAA level to quality and trustworthy enterprises, national authoritative quality assured product certification, China Quality Around the cooperative unit, China well-known brand, ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, HACCP food safety management system certification, consumer satisfaction units. The company implemented a strict professional management approach, in the operating specifications, production management practices, and good quality management system, quality of staff education, job training, human resources etc. aspects, all have adopted a rigorous monitoring means.
    The company introduced the Italian imported electronic constant temperature melt glue system, can meet the supply of 12 large fully automatic soft capsule machine production, production capacity reach 10 million capsules daily production of soft capsules. Possess Jiangsu Senjian Ginkgo plantation base, Shanghai Senjian bio-technology co., ltd. products research and development base. In the United States possess U.S. Niushijian International Medical Group Ltd. The company relies on strong scientific research strength, constantly develop beneficial health products on human health.
    The company's main sales network in Southeast Asian countries, especially in Chinese large shopping malls, supermarkets, drug stores, e-commerce platform. We also undertake external dietary nutrition and health products OEM and ODM business, and can original imported finished products which produced in the United States to China. Diet nutrition and health products which produced in the U.S. up to more than 200 varieties, include amino acids series, vitamins series, minerals series, protein powder, collagen powder, enzymes, cellulose powder, etc. Health food which can be produced in China have: Gulijian soft capsules (increase in bone density), Propolis soft capsules (increase immunity), Oubangni soft capsules (antioxidant), Ginkgo Soft Capsule (antihyperlipidemic), Bovine colostrums powder (increase immunity), Collagen (Beauty), Wheat cellulose particles (laxative), we currently have declared 76 National Healthy Food Index Number documents in the Chinese State Food and Drug Administration, and now has already obtained 16 approval document.